Why You Need BlueMarble’s AirProTech System

The COVID pandemic made us all very conscious of the quality of our air in enclosed spaces. That’s because the virus commonly spreads indoors through aerosols — droplets suspended in the air we breathe. It’s also why our company, BlueMarble Technologies, began focusing on ways to stop dangerous airborne diseases like COVID in their tracks. Our solution? High-powered UVC-LED lights designed to eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungi spores, mold, and more.

We install these germ-controlling lights in the existing HVAC heating and cooling systems of buildings and rooms where the harmful ultraviolet beams are shielded from exposure. The high-intensity lights attack the pathogens by incapacitating their RNA and DNA strands, and dramatically improving the safety of the indoor air for schools, restaurants, office buildings, homes, athletic facilities, concert venues, livestock barns — you name it.

We also install sensors to provide real-time, fault-detection information on the UVC-LED performance and to monitor air-quality metrics such as CO2, bacteria, mold, PM 2.5, NO2 and VOCs. The cost-effective AirProTech UVC-LED System from BlueMarble Technologies promises to change the way we feel about being in enclosed spaces. With each new installation, the message is…“Breathe Easy.”


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