AirProTech UVC-LED System: FAQs

What is UVC Light?2022-04-06T16:03:45+00:00

UVC is light photons produced between 100 to 280 nanometers (nm) wavelengths.

UVC Wavelength
What is the best germicidal UVC wavelength?2022-04-06T16:04:01+00:00

The best germicidal wavelength is 280 nm.

Wave Length Chart
What is BlueMarble Technologies’ environment philosophy?2022-05-12T12:30:07+00:00

BlueMarble Technologies’ AirProTech fixtures are field-serviceable so the parts can be easily replaced on site and at the end of fixture life without having to replace the entire fixture. All AirProTech parts are recyclable and reusable, so they do not end up in landfill. In addition, the replaced parts are returned to BlueMarble Technologies to be retrofitted and reused – it is ‘Cradle to Cradle’ design. BlueMarble Technologies also applies RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances) in the AirProTech design therefore, it does not contain any mercury, lead or other hazardous materials. The AirProTech fixture is 100% recyclable.

What are the different voltages available?2022-04-06T15:53:40+00:00

120-277v,347v & 480v.

What is the warranty on the AirProTech UVC air duct Light?2022-04-06T15:54:12+00:00

5 years limited warranty.

Is UVC light harmful?2022-05-09T12:29:31+00:00

Yes, UVC light is harmful.

Safety precautions

  1. You must wear UVC protective eyeglasses such as these:

    BlueMarble Technologies will provide these glasses to the installers and service personnel at no cost for your protection.
  2. You must wear long sleeves shirt, pants and latex or work gloves so no part of your skin is exposed directly to the UVC light.
  3. Do not look directly at the UVC light.
  4. Do not expose skin under the UVC light.
Is UVC light visible?2022-05-09T12:30:21+00:00

No UVC light is not visible. BlueMarble Technologies adds a faint blue glow on the LEDs to show that they are on.

UVC Light

Is there a difference between UVC light generated by the old mercury lamp technology and the state-of-the-art AirProTech UVC LEDs?2022-04-06T15:56:53+00:00

No, there is no difference between the UVC generated using the old fragile mercury lamps or the sun.

Does AirProTech UVC-LED air duct device create ozone?2022-05-16T11:47:33+00:00

Ozone is created between 100-240nm wavelength. The AirProTech UVC-LEDs are 280nm. The AirProTech 280nm wavelength has 127% more ‘virucidal’ eradication power than the traditional mercury lamp at 265nm as per Tokushima University Study conducted by the Biomedical Graduate Department.

What is the working life of Tubes Vs AirProTech UVC-LED Fixture?2022-05-05T13:28:31+00:00

Mercury Lamps last 9,000 hours and needs to be continuously powered on, requiring annual replacement. The AirProTech UVC-LED rated life is 25,000hrs and only needs to be on when there is airflow in the duct. Therefore, at 30% usage, it will last for over 9 years before the LED circuit board needs to be replaced (only the circuit board needs to be replaced and not the whole fixture).

How do you determine the number of AirProTechs needed?2022-04-06T16:02:16+00:00

The number of units required per installation is determined by the Length and Width of each air return duct dimension to each Air Handling Unit/Roof Top Air Handling Unit (AHU/RTU) and the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) air flow rate in these air return ducts.

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