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Engineered UVC-LED Air Purification and Monitoring


AirProTech UVC-LED Air Duct Applications

AirProTech UVC-LED Systems are designed to be installed in the air return ducts of any Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system to sterilize stale, contaminated air returning into the air-handling units, thereby eradicating Covid-19, flu and cold viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, allergens and other pathogens.

Along with our advanced engineered lights, we provide performance monitoring technology to ensure the system is operating 24-7, while reporting air-quality metrics in real time.

We use the best germicidal wavelength in a long-lasting ultraviolet LED light. We also evaluate the environmental conditions of the space — such as the ongoing air mix — so we can provide an effective, customized solution. This combination enhances the performance of traditional HEPA filters, which can capture the pathogens, but do not eradicate them. Therefore, placing the AirProTech “upstream” can mitigate a biohazard and the stress on the HVAC system. Our innovative solution produces maximum effective results compared with traditional “best practices” for improving the quality of the indoor air.

The performance-monitoring system provides additional peace of mind by tracking the level of air safety through potentially fluctuating conditions such as seasonal weather changes or how intensely the space is used. It’s tailored to your technical requirements.

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